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Little Looms Fall 2022

Anyone who cooks knows that the simplest additions can make the biggest difference in a recipe. A squeeze of citrus in a pan sauce or a sprinkle of fleur de sel in a caramel sauce will have dinner guests exclaiming over your culinary prowess. The same is true in weaving: often the tiniest of touches can take a piece from ordinary to extraordinary. It’s this philosophy that inspired the Fall 2022 Easy Weaving with Little Looms, an issue that shows it’s all in the details.

 There are far too many to list here, but in this issue you’ll find creative joining techniques, inlay, embroidery, fancy fringes, kumihimo, catenpile, and so much more.

If you read the word “catenpile” and thought “Well what on earth is that?!” It’s a fairly new technique developed by Jessica Lambert and showcased in her Arabesque Runner, which you can see pictured at top. For this new technique, Jessica joins loops of weft to create beautiful, raised-surface designs, and she was gracious enough to not just weave a project for us but to also write a detailed article about catenpile. 

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