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Clipa Traveler Silver

A Clipa handbag hanger is the ingenious way to keep your purse clean and close. Its universal round shape fits on straps, so its instantly available to hang or hook your bag off the floor. Clip it to your car's headrest and whenever you hit the brakes, your bag will stay in place. Frustration free action. Loaded down with bags and need to put them somewhere? Don't want to put your bags on the floor? In a public restroom? Clipa is always ready to go. Works most anyplace. Ideal for tables, edges, ledges, rails and openings. Features: -Handbag hanger. -Polished hematite finish. -Material: Metal alloy. -Triple plated. -Instant: Goes on the bag, nothing to find or unwind. -Versatile: Goes on the bag or on the wrist. -Understated and elegant: Designed to match the handbag's hardware. -Strong and beautiful: No exposed hinge. -Angled arms for great surface contact. -Won't tarnish, never needs polishing. -Clear self-healing pads for great grip. -Made in USA. Specifications: -Slim profile: Hangs in just 0.25" of space. -High quality: Holds 33 lbs, lasts for years. -Dimensions: 2.88" - 3" H x 2.88" - 3" W x 0.31" - 0.43" D.