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Shetland Wool Adventures Vol 3

We are excited to introduce the Shetland Wool Adventures Journal vol. 3. Beautifully designed, presented and printed, Shetland Wool Adventures Journal features beautiful photography, knitting patterns, walks, interesting stories, interviews, recipes and some personal insights into the lives of the Shetland’s top knitters and craftspeople. Shetland is a beautiful and inspiring place and the Journal aims to bring a little piece of their magical isles to your home.


Shetland Wool Adventures Journal vol.3, includes:

 • 164 pages

• 6 knitting patterns, beautifully photographed by Susan Molloy and illustrated by Lorna Reid

• Interesting features, stories, walks, recipes and stunning photography, all inspired by Shetland.


Designers featured in this issue: 

 Wilma Malcolmson, Barbara Cheyne, Amy Gair, Alison Rendall, and Mary Fraser

Garment photo credits: Susan Molloy 

Printed in Scotland.